Anniversary Celebration & Benefit for the Malama Kai Foundaton

This Sunday, September 4, 2016, from 10-4pm Kona Honu Divers will be celebrating 1-year-under-new-ownership.  There is no better way to celebrate then to have a benefit for a foundation we believe in, the Malama Kai Foundation.  There will be fun and games (dunk tank!), BBQ,

a raffle for prizes like: boat trips, gear, shirts, hats, reusable water bottles, used gear sale, and much more.  Many educational booths like the Marine Mammal Center, Manta Ray Advocates, Surfrider Foundation, and others that focus on preserving and educating the public on our natural resources and aquatic life.  There will also be local artists showcasing their ocean inspired art like Elise Jens , Laura Roberts, and Paul Okumura.

What is the Malama Kai Foundation?

Malama Kai Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean stewardship for current and future generations through community service and public education.  Founded in January 1991, Malama Kai Foundation raises funds and implements project that help conserve Hawaii’s coastal and marine resources, and educated people about these resources (Malama Kai Foundation).

What are mooring balls?

Our day use moorings are an adaptation of the Halas method, developed specifically for Hawai‘i’s hard lava substrata by the University of Hawai‘i’s Sea Grant Program and Institute of Geophysics. The modern mooring consists of a 3/4 inch stainless steel eyebolt (or pin) 18 inches long that is cemented into a hole drilled into the reef substrate. In sandy or soft bottom areas a specialized “manta” unit is driven deep into the soft substrate. Attached to the the fixed eye (on the pin or manta), which is all that protrudes from the otherwise pristine reef or bottom area, is a chain bridle and 7/8 inch nylon line. The mooring tackle and line is attached to an 18” buoy placed about 10-ft. below the surface (Malama Kai Foundation).

Why are mooring balls important?

Mooring balls protect our reefs from anchors.  The diving community in Kona relies on the Malama Kai Foundation to keep the mooring balls in safe and working order for our daily use.

How can you help?

The Malama Kai Foundation relies heavily on private donations.  The foundation receives some funding from our government, but it is never enough.   During our Anniversary Celebration all proceeds will be donated to the day-use mooring ball program for Hawaii island.  Kona Honu Divers accepts donations when you make diving or snorkeling reservation.  You can also make a private donation directly to the Malama Kai Foundation.

What will the money be used for?

If you make a general donation:

Malama Kai Foundation Support

Donations will support administration (Executive Director), grant writing and fundraising activities, support core programs of Malama Kai Foundations such as community education and coastal stewardship, permitting, website upkeep, and overall operational management of programs and projects.  This donation category allows the most flexibility to utilize your donation to the best purpose (Malama Kai Foundation.

Special Donation: Day-Use Mooring Program

Donations purchase materials (new & replacement) and help reimburse volunteer expenses for installation, monitoring, and maintenance of day-use moorings.  It currently costs about $410 for materials/per mooring plus $800 per mooring for install.  Maintenance costs are about $1200 per day (boat, fuel, and crew).  Typically, 3-7 moorings can be maintained in a day.  There are currently about 220 moorings statewide (Malama Kai Foundation.

Donations can be earmarked for specific islands.




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