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Fish of the Month Contest: Cleaner Wrasse

This month, post your pictures and/or videos of the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse on Instagram! Tag @kona_honu_divers and add #konahonudivers #cleanerwrasseofthemonth. Your name will go into the drawing for a $20 gift card to our shop! Posts must be made before the end of February. We will announce the Winner March 1st!


Photo by Stacey Herman

Have you been snorkeling or diving around the reef and seen fish suspended, nearly motionless with their fins flared out and a little vibrant yellow, blue, and purple fish nipping at their scales? That slender little fish doing the nipping is likely the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse aka Labroides phthirophagus.

The Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse is an endemic fish that is quite common all over the island chain. These fish establish territories on the reef that serve other fish as “cleaning stations.” For the wrasse, these stations serve as their meal ticket. Larger fish will hover in the Cleaner Wrasse territory and let the fish get busy scrubbing their scales and picking off ectoparasites. The dare devil Cleaner will even clean inside of predatory fish mouths and gills! In return for their maintenance, the fish will snack on the visitor’s mucus.

Look for these little beauties next time you’re diving, freediving, or snorkeling! Enter your Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse pictures and videos in our Fish of the Month Contest to win a $20 gift card to the Kona Honu Divers shop!

Specialty of the Month-Fish ID

“What was the name of that cool fish we saw on our last dive?” It’s one of the most frequent questions our guides hear on the boat (and not surprisingly…Hawaii has over 650 wonderful fish species!) By learning how to classify fish into different families, recognizing unique behavior, and identifying their habitats, you’ll gain a new appreciation of what it takes to name just about any species (plus impress all your nerdy ichthyophile friends!)


Over two dives with one of our experience instructors you’ll also learn about strategies used in fish surveys from conservation efforts like REEF and Project AWARE. In addition, these dives may be used for credit toward your Advanced Open Water Diver certification (bonus!)

PREREQUISITES: Junior Open Water Divers and above are eligible to take this course.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Hawaiian Reef Fishes by John Hoover plus reef fish identification and underwater writing slates (all available in our shop with your 10% student discount!)

EQUIPMENT: It’s best to use your own gear but our rental department has everything you’ll need!

COST: Just an additional $75 to your already scheduled day charter plus the required materials and tax (includes instruction and certification fee!)