Coral Reef Conservation-Specialty of the Month-March

Coral reefs are spectacular, diverse ecosystems that are home to thousands of fish, invertebrate, and plant species…all threatened more than ever by climate change, pollution, overfishing, and human development. As divers, we learn how to limit our impact underwater by practicing good buoyancy control and streamlining our gear. Now take your education to the next level by gaining your Coral Reef Conservation specialty rating! Spend two dives with your instructor learning how to identify local coral species and signs of stress, why our coral reefs are so important, and how you can make a difference to help prevent their further decline so that future generations of divers can enjoy these beautiful rainforests of the sea!


PREREQUISITES: Junior Open Water Divers and above are eligible to take this course.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Hawaii’s Sea Creatures – A Guide to Hawaii’s Marine Invertebrates by John Hoover plus an underwater writing slate (both available in our shop with your 10% student discount!)

EQUIPMENT: It’s best to use your own gear but our rental department has everything you’ll need!

COST: Just an additional $75 to your already scheduled day charter plus the required materials and tax (includes instruction and certification fee!)


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