Fish of the Month: Psychedelic Wrasse

This month, post your pictures and/or videos of the Psychedelic Wrasse on Instagram! Tag @kona_honu_divers and add #konahonudivers #psychewrasseofthemonth. Your name will go into the drawing for a $25 gift card to our shop! Posts must be made before the end of March. We will announce the Winner April 1st!

Psychedelic Wrasses (front male, females in background) by Bo Pardau

The psychedelic wrasse is a fun fish to look for on your dives in Hawaii. This fish is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands and known for the male’s signature vibrant facial coloration. Other names for this fish are Psyche-Head wrasse, Red-Tail Tamarin, and its Latin name: Anampses chrysocephalus.

You’ll see groups of females and singular male fish often in rubble areas. Want to know how to tell them apart? It’s easy! Psychedelic wrasses begin their lives as females. As females they are a dark brown color with white spots on their bodies and bright red tails. They swim with a group of other females using their protruding front teeth to scrape their food from rocks. Over time, the dominant female of the group will transform into a male Psychedelic wrasse. The males are a lighter brown over their body and tail. Their heads are a vibrant orange with bright blue spots. The males are usually larger than the females, reaching 6-7″ in length.

Keep your eye out for Psyche Wrasses on your dives this month and submit your pictures or videos for the chance to win a gift card to our shop! (Details at top)


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