DAN Publishes Annual Report

Hi friends!

One of my favorite resources on diver health and safety is Divers Alert Network (DAN). Each year, DAN publishes an annual diving report listing accidents, injuries, and fatalities related to diving. By analyzing these incidents, organizations like DAN identify problematic patterns, gaps in diving knowledge and procedure, and make recommendations to improve diving practices. One of the most useful things to come out of this year’s report is a “Ten Most Wanted Improvements in Scuba” list. These improvements include:

  • Correct Weighting
  • Greater Buoyancy Control
  • More Attention to Gas Planning
  • Better Ascent Rate Control
  • Increased Use of Checklists
  • Fewer Equalizing Injuries
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health in Divers
  • Diving More Often (or more pre-trip Refresher Training)
  • Greater Attention to Diving Within Limits
  • Fewer Equipment Issues / Improved Maintenance

Looking over this list, these improvements fit roughly into three categories: dive planning, diver health, and gear. Over the next three installments of the KHD blog, we are going to go over these categories, expand on key points in the list, and make recommendations for how you can apply this knowledge to make your own diving more safe, so stay tuned!

Interested in learning more in the meantime? Check out DAN’s website and read the report here.

Happy diving!



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