Checklist Templates

Hi friends!

Byron suggested we post some examples of gear checklists (see our last post), which I agreed would be an excellent idea! I’m posting the link to our Google Docs site which contains templates that you can use and edit according to your own needs. Click here to find:

-Scuba Gear Checklist (Visual): an image of this list is posted below. Aside from helping you identify pieces of gear, you can also give it to a loved one as a birthday/holiday wish list (hint hint). All the gear shown is available in our shop and can be found on the KHD product page.

-Scuba Gear Checklist (Text): a simple text list of what I just described above

-Pre-dive safety list: Standard pre-dive safety check suggested by PADI

-Ascent and Descent checklist: Simple ascent/descent checklist suggested by PADI

Please feel free to download and edit these lists as you need. Also, stay tuned for the next installment of our discussion of the DAN “ten most wanted” list, it should be up in a couple days.

Happy diving!


Gear List


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