April Certification Special: Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Hi Friends!

I just got word that KHD is offering a super sweet special on the PADI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) certification this month. This is one of my favorite certifications and because it can be completed during any of our morning charters, it is one of the best for divers looking to buff up their dive resume without investing a lot of time or money. Read on to learn about DPV diving, what the course entails, and why you want to make this your next certification.

Why Dive a DPV?

giphy (6).gif
Up your badass factor by at least 100%

A Diver Propulsion Vehicle, or DPV for short, is an underwater scooter that–like any other type of “vehicle”–has both practical and recreational applications. From a practical standpoint, you cover more ground with less effort, making the process of getting from point “A” to point “B” faster and easier. From a recreational standpoint…well, let’s just say that unlike topside, there’s no stop lights, speed limits, or traffic jams to deal with as you cruise the highway of the open ocean. As with with any piece of scuba equipment, however, DPVs require training and most shops will only rent them to divers with DPV-specific certification.

Why Kona Honu Divers is the Shop You Want for DPV Certification

FullSizeRender (6).jpg
DiveX Pirahna Scooters

Two things you need to become proficient in DPV diving are the right equipment and the right instructor, and our shop has the best of both. KHD uses only DiveX Pirahna Scooters, which are faster, more powerful, and, frankly, pretty damn cool looking compared to what the other shops in Hawaii use. Our DPV instructor, Kevin Stewart, is one of our most experienced employees and is the go-to guy for this specialty.

How to Sign Up

For the month of April you pay $200 for the practical portion of the course, a savings of 20%. This includes a 2-tank dive off our boat, instruction, and your certification card. All you have to do is buy the manual, which you can easily read in a couple hours, through our shop. Call or stop by to learn more and schedule your DPV certification today!



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