Dive Against Debris Success!


KHD’s cleanup site at Kua Bay

Hi Friends!

Kona Honu’s first Dive Against Debris event last Saturday turned out great! Here are some of the highlights:

-There were 13 volunteers including the dive leader, Sam.

-Debris collected: All in all, the volunteers collected 6+ lbs of trash from the ocean. Some of the more interesting items included: scuba mask, swim goggles, shirt, flip-flops, fishing line, plastic spoon, labels, glow sticks, rubber bands, cup, plastic container, glasses, watch, a “weird fur thing,” wrappers, wool sock, fishing line, and board shorts.

-Cool animal finds: flounder, tuberculosis nudibranch, yellow margin eel

-Highlights: Perfect visibility (100+ feet), almost no waves, beautiful coral; everyone had fun, Ohana Members got a  “free” dive (free tanks and weights).

I asked Sam about the next event and he said people should expect to hear about next month’s DAD (tentatively scheduled 06/04) no later than 05/17.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who came out to make this a super first event!

Happy diving,



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