Kona Underwater Club Event: “Billfish in Hawaii, a look into their early life history”

Hi Friends!

I’m excited to announce that the Kona Underwater Club, in conjunction with Kona Honu Divers, is hosting a speaking event with Dr. Andrew West at the end of June!  Please join us for an exciting talk about his research in Hawai’i, titled “Billfish in Hawaii, a look into their early life history.” Like all of our events, we aim for this to be an opportunity for attendees to learn, socialize, and, of course, have a little fun in the process. See you there!


What: Dr. West will speak for approximately 45 minutes to an hour, which will be followed by a Q&A and a reception with pupus and refreshments.

When: Wednesday, June 28th, from 5 to 7PM

Where: Kona Honu Divers classroom. Please check in at the front desk and we will direct you.

Who Can Attend: Anyone! We just ask you support the Kona Underwater Club by joining on Facebook. Please bring friends, family, or anyone else you can think of!

Cost: Free!

How to RSVP: We encourage you to RSVP through Facebook either via the Kona Underwater Club or Kona Honu Divers Events pages. You can also call or email Kona Honu Divers directly.

Biography of Dr. Andrew West 


Dr. Andrew West is an Environmental scientist and Marine biologist currently living in Hawaii.

Andrew spent much of his life growing up in Australia, South Africa, and Hawaii. Currently he and his wife (Jane) are enjoying raising their two sons in Kailua Kona. Andrew started his career working as a deck hand on a professional shark fishing/ research boat in Hawaii targeting large tiger sharks. Experiences in this piqued his interest in wild animals that influenced him to pursue higher studies in marine biology and environmental science.

His interests include fishing, diving, nature videography, surfing, and fitness.

Annually Andrew travels internationally with humanitarian organizations, undertaking projects ranging from the provision of clean water to establishing sustainable farms or medical clinics. In the last few years Andrew has assisted programs in Uganda, Rwanda, Kirabati, Philippines and Cambodia.

Andrew is the founder of the Pacific Ecology Laboratory LLC based in Kona Hawaii, in which he directs both feral animal control projects, and environmental monitoring studies. He also contracts field research for the University of Hawaii and various private, state and federal agencies.

Andrew has been the host of two Discovery Channel series: “Hogs Gone Wild” and “BeastTracker”. He has also worked for BBC, National Geographic and other international networks.

Andrew’s qualifications are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Science, major Biology
  • Bachelor of Science with honors, Zoology
  • Master of Science, Marine biology
  • Ph.D Environmental science
  • (Awarded Australian Government Post-graduate award scholarship)

Andrew’s Contact Information

  • email: Andrew.ecolab@gmail.com
  • Website

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