Learn to Freedive Deeper, Longer, and Safer!

Hi Friends!

I’m excited to announce that Kona Freedivers/Kona Honu Divers has an upcoming PFI (Performance Freediving International) Intermediate Freediver Course coming up this June that you don’t want to miss! This course is for competent freedivers who want to improve problem management, safety, and proper technique. This program also includes details on training and equipment for diving to depths of 40 meters/132 feet. Since all the details about the course are on the Kona Freedivers/Kona Honu Divers website, today’s post is going skip over all that and provide a basic overview and Q&A about the course instead. If you want more information beyond what this post or the site provide, contact the shop and ask for Shell Eisenburg, who will be leading the course.


  • Where: Kona Honu Divers
  • When: Saturday, July 17th-Tuesday, July 20th 2017
  • Time: Sat-Mon 8AM-5PM; Tuesday 9AM-noon
  • Cost: $745+ tax
  • For more course details, click here
good pic
   Push yourself with the guidance of champion diver and PFI instructor, Shell Eisenberg


Q: Do you need to be an “advanced” freediver to take this course?

A: Not necessarily, you just want to make sure you look over the eligibility prerequisites and PFI medical form. If you say YES to any questions it is necessary to get a doctor’s approval to take part in the course.

Q: What does this course offer for those with different experience levels? For example, someone who has lots of freediving experience vs. very little?

A: This course offers everyone the opportunity to dive longer, deeper, and safer. How long and deep is up to the individual, which means it’s appropriate for a range of experience levels.

Q: I have my own snorkel gear and a wetsuit I use for SCUBA. Can I use those during the course?

A: It’s ok to use your own gear, but you need gear appropriate for freediving. Kona Honu Divers has a wide range of inventory for rent or purchase. Contact the shop if you have any questions about gear needs.

Q: I already can freedive. What’s the point of taking a course?

A: This course offers even the experienced freediver a more advanced understanding of the physiology and physics of extended breath hold diving. Also, many places require proof of some sort of freediving certification when renting equipment or taking tours off of boats. For example, anyone who joins the Kona Freedivers Club is required to have at least entry-level certification if they want to enjoy the benefit of the half-off standby special on KHD’s boat.

Q: Who is organizing the course?

PFI Instructor  Shell Eisenberg

A: Kona Freedivers/Kona Honu Divers are offering this course and it’s being taught by our very own Shell Eisenberg. If you’ve ever checked out our shop, you’ve probably seen her awesome designs on our waterbottles, stickers, and t-shirts. In addition to being the assistant manager and resident artist, she’s a champion competitor and PFI instructor. In other words, she’s kind of a big deal.

That’s it for now everyone. Happy diving!



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