South Point is one of the Big Island’s hottest shore dives! Access to deep water and oceanic currents makes for an incredible combination of akule scad, rare reef life, and the possibility for some amazing pelagic encounters! In recent years however, South Point has grown filthy from human use. Beer cans, fishing line, kites, and trash bags littered the reef. Ropes from disused moorings accumulated in rather large piles of debris. The place was a mess.

Cue the KHD community! Even after a weather setback, we had a showing of 10 rockstar customers show up to help clean. The first dive started with some fishing line, but it quickly escalated into grabbing armfuls of tangled ropes and bulkier items.

This was some serious work! One of the larger hauls up the cliff-face weighed around 150 lbs! The reef became a little cleaner with every bag we hauled. We worked our way down from tangled masses of debris, to smaller ropes, to fishing line. We even had a land team picking up car parts and trash left by visitors. By the end of dive #3, the reef was clean and we had collected nearly 700 pounds of debris!

On behalf of Kona Honu Divers, we would like to thank Michael Merritt, Pam Madden, Karie Smart, Marty Wakat, Dove DeMoss, Mark DeMoss, Sarah Matye, and the Murray family (Ron, Marketa, and Cohen) for being awesome stewards of this special place!group shot

-Jeff Milisen

Pics by Jeff Milisen and Marketa Murray



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